The Uh Oh Show (2009)

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Description: IMDB: The Great Herschell Gordon Lewis' latest, not-so-great splatter movie. I have the uncut version of this as well entitled, 'The Splatter Show', but its in German and there's no English subs available anywhere. This clip came from the US cut DVD, which I tracked down hoping there would be English subs in the VOB's. There weren't. There were German ones, though! The only thing I want to say about the quality of the film-making is this: Shouldn't film-maker's GET BETTER as they make more and more? This guy plateaued at Blood Feast (1963) and hasn't gotten any better...although Blood Feast 2 (2002) Uncut version was pretty good! But this movie is just bad and not even in a so-bad-its-good kind of way!