Help Me I Am Dead (2013) Uncut German w ENG soft subs

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Description: IMDB: Dir: Andreas Bethmann. Special make up FX: Olaf Ittenbach GERMAN w English soft subs A young paraplegic female student working on a school project finds herself drawn to an old boarded up house. Once she is within range of said house, she finds that she can inexplicably walk again for the first time in years. She decides to investigate the house and stays there for a few nights, becoming absorbed in a mystery that dates back to when Nazis ruled the country, as well as being haunted by a ghost. This is a decent enough haunted house movie from the Fatherland. The mood and atmosphere are set nicely, there are a few nude sex scenes and a bit of nicely done torture and gore. The flashback scenes are interesting and serve the plot nicely, though the Nazis are almost painted as caricatures of themselves.